Mahadev Bhasm Vibhooti

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     Kashi Vishwanath Temple Mahadev Bhasm (Vibhuti, Bhabhuti) 

    • Quantity - 25 Grams Approx
    • Vibhuti/Bhasm Powder
    • Vibhuti is the sacred ash used in religious worship in Hinduism.

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  1. Bhasma is also called as vibhuti and it gives spiritual power.
  2. The Sanskrit word, vibhuti means glory, as it gives glory to one who applies it, protection from ill health and negative forces, and attracts the higher forces of nature.
  3. Vibhuti should be taken with the right hand and applied on the forehead as three horizontal lines.
  4. The first line stands for removal of ahankar (pride) the next stands for removal of ignorance and the third stands for removal of bad karma (actions).

Material TypeAshes
Package Contents 1 pc in Package
Weight45 gm

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