Tulsi Mala Various

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    • Color: Beige
    • Collection: Ethnic
    • Material: Wood
    • Ideal For: Boys, Girls, Men, Women
    • Beads of tulsi Mala are made of Tulsi wood which is considered the most sacred wood in Hindu traditions.

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  • The tulsi mala or a rosary made from the holy basil plant, is a beautiful thing to possess and wear.
  • Buddhists prefer the black tulsi mala for Japa.
  • Tulsi is also known for its medicinal benefits.
  • The Japa Mala has 108 beads set in a loop, with one big bead which represents Krishna. 
  • Tulsi mala is one of the most preferred malas, considered as an ornament as well as a japamala. When used as a japamala, it has 108+1  beads.
  • Tulsi Mala is used to worship Lord Ram and Krishna, different incarnations of Lord Vishnu who is believed to be the creator and the beloved of the Tulsi.

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