Rudraksha Mala Normal 11 MM

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    • 108 + 1 Beads of equal size Rudraksha.
    • Ideal For: Men & Women.
    • Material: Wood.
    • This rudraksha mala contain 11 mm size of rudraksha beads.
    • Simple and Basic Mala for daily use.
    • Traditionally, it is believed that the number of beads

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  • The word Rudraksha literally means “tears of Shiva”. There are many legends in Indian scriptures and mythology describing the divine origin of the Rudraksha tree.
  • According to one legend, Shiva sat in meditation for many millennia with his eyes closed. Upon opening his eyes, he shed tears of ecstasy, which fell to the Earth and became the holy Rudraksha tree. Rudraksha beads were Shiva’s gift to the world.
  • Rudraksha can be worn at all times, including during sleep and while doing one’s spiritual practices. Rudraksha may be worn during bathing times. 
  • Rudraksha should not come in contact with metal; therefore, it is advisable not to place them in metal containers. However, Rudraksha can be cast in gold or silver if one chooses to do so. Extreme care should be taken when fashioning Rudraksha in this manner, as damage may occur through improper handling.

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