Attar Rajnigandha

₹ 100.00

  • Brands SKVT
  • Product Code: ARB_4374
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Short Description:

    • Long Lasting
    • Comes With Precious Hadcrafted Welwet Box and Fancy Roll-on Bottle
    • Best Attar For Clothes and Religious Purpose.
    • capacity :10 ml 
    • Fragrance: Tuberose/Rajniganda
    • Type: Herbal Attar
    • Perfume Content: 99.9 %&a

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  • Premium quality natural attar, free from alcohol, best attar for man, made from natural essential oils. This attar are very long lasting and packed with handcrafted beautiful welwet box.
  • The roller ball prevents the perfume from leaking so it can be carried around while travelling, such as in the handbag.
  • Is a unisex perfume, especially for those who prefer to wear attractive scents.
  • It is a non-alcoholic oil perfume, which contributes to the long lasting effects of its scent when applied. 

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