Ardhanarishwar Arcylic and Oil on Canvas

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    • Ideal option for reproducing 'oil on canvas' and 'acrylic on canvas' paintings. Canvas giclee prints are produced with of additional canvas on all sides so that you can stretch and frame your print on your own.
    • Eco Friendly Digital Reproduction - 100% Pure Cotton C

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  • Ardhanarishvara (Sanskrit: Ardhan ,vara) is a composite androgynous form of the Hindu god Shiva and his consort Parvati (also known as Devi, Shakti and Uma in this icon). Ardhanarishvara is depicted as half male and half female, split down the middle. The right half is usually the male Shiva, illustrating his traditional attributes. The earliest Ardhanarishvara images are dated to the Kushan period, starting from the first century CE. Its iconography evolved and was perfected in the Gupta era. The Puranas and various iconographic treatises write about the mythology and iconography of Ardhanarishvara. While Ardhanarishvara remains a popular iconographic form found in most Shiva temples throughout India, very few temples are dedicated to this deity. Ardhanarishvara represents the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies of the universe (Purusha and Prakriti) and illustrates how Shakti, the female principle of God, is inseparable from (or the same as, according to some interpretations) Shiva, the male principle of God. The union of these principles is exalted as the root and womb of all creation. Another view is that Ardhanarishvara is a symbol of Shiva's all-pervasive nature.
  • Original hand painted Hindu God Ardhanareeswara(Shiva &Shakthi). Great choice for your home decor.

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