Natural Original Pearl Moti Mala big Oval Shape

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  • Number Of Beads 108 +1 = 109
  • Pearls are said to have a strong magnetic healing power.
  • Gem therapists believe that pearls strengthen the nerves, adrenal glands, spleen and muscular system.
  • Pearls are also helpful with stomach ulcers. They support the intestinal tract and stimulate digestion.
  • They are also believed to provide relief from fever and headaches.
  • Pearls provide vitality.


  • Natural & Original Pearl/Moti Mala (Oval Shape Small Beads) for Good Luck.
  • Lustre freshwater pearls provides calmness to mind.
  • Anyone can wear pearl as it has no negative effects.
  • Moti represents purity, innocence and integrity.
  • They have long been considered ideal wedding gifts because they symbolize purity and innocence.
  • In the Hindu religion, the presentation of an un-drilled Pearl and its piercing has formed part of the marriage ceremony.



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