Blowing Shankh_500

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  • Type: Blowing.
  • Orientation: Left Handed.
  • Material: Natural.
  • Color: White.


  • This kind of shankh is also known as left handed shankh.
  • Blowing shankh commonly available shankhas and used for all religious purposes.
  • The conch shell of blowing shankh’s opening towards left that leads towards vamvarti shankh.
  • The special geometry of blowing shankh is creating a positive energy field.
  • Importance of Sounding Conch protect from evil spirits.
  • Use as massage of stored water for a night in blowing shankh or Vamvarti shankh (conch) is very effective for skin diseases.
  • The blowing of the conch/ Vamvarti blowing shankh increases respiratory capacity and more effective to increase the create atmosphere such as courage determination hope strong will power etc.
  • Blowing of Vamvarti shankh daily is good for heart disease.



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